about us

Welcome to Artpresenteme.com, website about the art. We want to introduce you to contemporary art, to painters who create this art, to children who  have started their creative way at the early age. On our website you’ll be able to know how the working days of these little laborers passé (school days, hobbies, interests). We’ll show you that there isn’t a weekend off these children who try to develop their creative skills. These children have a little free time and they try to use these short minutes for the communication with their family and friends. We also want to tell you about different exhibitions demonstrating in Moscow and other cities of Russia. These exhibitions have been visited by us and after seeing them  we tell you our impressions, our emotions, our ideas. We hope that there’ll be an opportunity to sell and to buy modern works of the art in our website. We focus on helping talented artists sell their artworks so they can spend their time creating wonderful paintings. Although the majority of our artists are from Russia, we hope; that our site will attract the attention of artists from other countries.

 Artworks not only contribute to the beauty of homes and workplaces, but they are also great investment items. Before placing an artwork on display, the painting must undergo thorough authenticity and quality reviews.Art is for everyone and choice is one of our guiding principles. There is a selection process, but we select on the basis of merit, regardless of previous exposure or experience. Have you ever walked into an art gallery and felt like you didn’t belong there? Ever felt like art is only for the rich and famous? It’s all nonsense, so don’t believe the hype. 99% of us aren’t “art collectors”, but we know what we like when we see it. Buying art should cause smiles and immense joy, never anxiety. We believe in this philosophy.

The Internet is still revolutionising the way business is done in all sectors of the economy and the art world is no exception. Now buying art on the internet has really improved in the last eight years. You can now find quality work from great unknown artists who you may not have found otherwise as well as prints of well-known established faves.

If you want to join us and to publish your works on our website and if you want to tell us about the creative children in your town  you have to write to us. We will surely contact you   here.