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bycnfuhfv  Dmitry Finagenov


bycnfuhfvVictor Sedov


 May, 25.2016. Moscow.

The creative center “Winzavod” was opened in 2007. Before that,  there was a plant for the production of beer and then a winery called “Moscow Bavaria”. This center is used for the exhibitions, also there are permanent expositions, various galleries and different educational projects. It is popular to hold conferences, lectures, master-classes, presentations. There is a design territory “Design in practice”.


 Juli, 30.2016. Moscow.

The “Russian Space” is dedicated to the first space flight of Y.A.Gagarin. The authors of this exhibition want to show us the history of creation of the spaceship. There are drawings and notes of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, severel works of religious philosophical Nikolai  Fyodorov, Y.A.Gagarin’s pictures made by Valery Gende-Rote, certainly, the notes of Korolyov, works of artists of the avant-garde   in the large exhibition.


August, 3. 2016. Moscow

During ten years The Rodchenko School is glad to create unusual projects by her students. Using modern things for making their works the students of the School impress us their ideas. The students show us the vision of a modern young man to our world.