Belevich I.

ираbycnfuhfvIrina was born and lives in Moscow. She leaves the school near future and she is going to continue learning. Irina learns well. There are a lot of subjects in her school,  but the chemistry and the geography are attracted her more than the others. Ira likes to read and to listen to music. In spite of the fact that there is a lot of school’s homework Ira tries to have time for her hobby. Since the childhood she likes reading and the books by JK Rowling are favorite. The book “Harry Potter” is  favourite.  However, the girl likes to read books, writing by Jane Austen and by the sisters Charlotte Bronte and Emily Bronte.As for the music this girl likes various music styles. Classical music and rock, pop music and Disco, Latin music and jazz attract her. I think that her mood and music are closely related. The music inspires her and improves mood.After doing homework Ira meets her classmates. They usually walk, sometimes they go to the cinema, speak about their Future, they frequently build plans of their life. When the weather is fine they ride a bike. Undoubtedly Ira enjoys traveling. There was an opportunity to visit extraordinary and wonderful countries. They are Italy, Spain, Greece, Montenegro. We know that any journey, particularly to another country has a close relationship with photography. Of course, I have asked her why she likes taking the pictures and I have received an answer that the nature, beautiful world around, engrossing and unusual places what she had visited they always inspired her. She enjoys visiting various exhibitions of the photography as classical as modern.

ирина коллаж1

The modern world is a world of the new technologies. Now there are a lot of ways for expressing emotions and feeling using these technologies. There are a lot of cameras into the modern gadgets. Taking pictures is an art plus endless possibilities of its embodiment. And so there is a lot of people interested in photography. Few people can see, pick out the main thing in the overall picture. I am sure that Irina has such opportunity to see and to express that she wants. Go, look at, see, discover and have time to take a picture is the most important thing for the photographer. That is why taking pictures is very attractive for Irina. She has been interested in photography since her childhood. It is a pity the first pictures made by Irina have been lost. But I remember how this girl went to our school Bestnrewart and began learning the theoretical basis of photography with great interest. After getting the main knowledge Irina started her creative way. “The photography is an art for me. I am taking pictures when there is an inspiration. There are always many school’s things to do. Sometimes I can have long pauses and stop taking photos, but suddenly the inspiration appears. And I feel the desire to express my ideas, I take my camera and go to take pictures. I can make 200 or 300 shots during  one walk”.

Irina has got a beautiful cat. The name of this black cat is Trisha. It is four. Of course, there are many pictures of this nice cat. I think that Irina likes taking pictures of her cat. Here are several of these pictures.


 Of course,  it is difficult to visit exhibitions during the school year. In the winter the weather is cold, in the autumn it is raining. But there are summer’s holidays. The weather is warm, the sun shines, two – three months we can rest. There is a time to travel, to meet new people, to read books, to talk with friends, not to think about the marks and there is time for visiting exhibitions. I want to represent several pictures. They show us the character of Irina, her inner life  and the desire to show beauty around us.

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