Margiti Mila

Mila bycnfuhfvMila is a little girl, she is cute and very cheerful. She lives in Moscow and she goes to school every day. Mila likes learning, reading, drawing, playing board games. If she has free time she likes to play with her younger brother. His name is Matvey. He is four. This boy is very agile and clever. Mila has got an older sister, too. Her name is Liza. She is a secondary school student. She learns two foreign languages. Liza is hardworking and diligent. They are beautiful children of the large and united family.
Mila is a creative and energetic girl, she is also attractive and a sunbeam. Mila likes to sing and to dance. She is studying in the children’s musical theater “Domisolka”. This theater is a big children’s creative team of Russia. The children of this wonderful theater often give concerts in Moscow and other cities of our country. The education is hard and very intense. The children learn singing, dancing, the solfeggio and other musical subjects. In spite of the fact that there are a lot of the difficult and long rehearsals before showings Mila likes them. We understand that these performances on stage are very important moment in the life of this small girl.

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Mila learns English in the school. She likes it. Mila also likes learning mathematics and reading. If she has free time she reads her brother. Four times a week after school Mila goes to classes at the musical theater “Domisolka”. There are many different lessons there. She is learning to play the piano and sing. The solfeggio, the vocals, the dance rehearsals are required lessons for training in this musical theatre. The life of this girl is very orderly. There are lessons in the school, a lot of the repetitions in the theatre, more than enough school homework. And she also must train playing the piano at home. We understand there is a little free time during the year.



But there is a beautiful time of the holidays during a school year. There is a winter holidays and there is a long summer vacation. It is the most fun part of the school year. During this time the children are able to rest, play, swim, draw, go for a walk, watch TV. The Mila’s family often travels around our country, for example, goes to the Crimea, Krasnodar, to Georgia.


2015-2016 school year.

Mila likes to go to school. She likes reading and calculating. She does with interest exercises of Russian and English languages.  She calculates fast.

This year has been hard, difficult. There have been many events, several concerts, parties, musical performances and rehearsals. I want to list the most important events:
The gala concert dedicated to the anniversary of the theater “Domisolka”. Mila likes to perform on the stage with her team.Mila also has taken part in the TV show “Field of miracles” dedicated to the New Year; also the beautiful concert for mothers and fathers “Mumdad”.
This year Mila has taken part in the telephoto show for the TV channel Russia1 and Carousel.
Mila plays the piano and takes part in various music Festivals. She is the winner of the competitions “The Magic Lyre”. It has been a serious competition. There have been a lot of participants in this festival.
In spring Mila has taken part in the concert dedicated to the anniversary of Yuri Entin and at the festival of Tatar music dedicated to Nazib Zhiganov.