Demina A.

bycnfuhfvAnastasia lives in Moscow. She is nine. She likes to talk, to tell different stories. Nastya is funny, active and she is always smiling. She likes to play games where she has to run and to jump. Sometimes I think she would be a good athlete. But Anastasia chose dancing: samba, cha-cha-cha, rumba, just fine. She goes to the dancing classes in her school. Настя танцы1настя танцы22

At first Nastya did not like going to school, she thought that it was boring. But lately she has liked reading and math and graduallyshe has been interested in several subjects. She successfully overcomes the difficulties of the school. Now Nastya is learning  verywell. There are favorite books from Nastya. For example, Pushkin’s fairy tales, the books about of the animals, she also likes looking and reading the magazines for the girls.



  Nastya likes to walk around Moscow, particularly on the Red Square. She prefers going in the central streets of the city watching the movement of the cars. She likes to window-shop. Especially she likes a lot GUM, main universal country’s store.


  GUM and The Red Square are favorite places for the walks not only the Muscovites, but of course, the guests of the capital. There are wonderful shop windows, a tasty ice cream, a lot of the small cafes in this GUM. There are always various exhibitions in it. There are always a lot of the visitors who do their shopping, take pictures, visit interesting exhibitions, are walking there.


The other hobby is a drawing. When Nastya has  time she goes to her teacher. Nastya loves a nature. She likes a lot  to walk in the parks. She often goes to the country with her grandmother. They are planting flowers, they are cultivating various vegetables and fruits. When we are looking at her drawings of the flowers, we see the love and the fondness, we see a desire to image a very beautiful flower. I like her drawings a lot, I see the ability seeing of the unusualness of the simple flower.Naturally small children like to draw animals. The big cat lives with the Nastya’s family. It is very gentle and friendly cat. The cat’s name is Kyzia. When Nastya and her Granny go to the village,  they often are able to see horses, cows, goats and other animals living there. Every summer Nastya and her relatives go to the sea. All children like to swim, sunbath, run on the beach.And after,  at home Nastya is trying to draw her impressions. настя коллаж настя коллаж2 2015-2016 school year. This year has been very difficult. Nastya has finished the primary school and there has been a lot of tests, History lessons, various examinations. The school year has been over very well by Nastya.  This year Nastya has continued to visit dancing lessons and she has taken part in the competitions of dance. The girl has gone to the private lessons and master classes. Nastya likes dancing. The favorite place for walking is GUM. We have written, too. And we want to say that the modern clothes of great fashion designers have impressed Nastya and the girl tries herself to create clothes for girls. We know it is very difficult and we try to promote all the initiatives of this beautiful girl.

2016-2017 school year.

The fifth form. This is wonderful and very unusual year. There were a lot of new teachers and new subjects during this year. One of the difficult subjects was Mathematics. There were a lot of pages of History and Biology. Learning of any language is always a hard work. We must work a lot of hours for getting a good result. But there are many good marks and every day has been amazing.
The summer has begun visiting the exhibition of photos. The first time Nastya visited The Center of Photography in Moscow. This exhibition was very interesting for her. She likes to take pictures and she saw such photos first time. There were three exhibitions there: about the war, about the people’s life during this time, a lot of political posters. It is amazing, but Nastya knows many politicians. So we understand that she learns History very well.
This year Nastya has also visited the Biological Museum. She has been going for three years. This year together her brother, she has seen a lot of interesting animals in the Museum. They went and looked, went and looked a long time. Her brother saw many unusual and strange marine animals. They were very glad and decided to visit it more than five times.


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