Zubriychuk S.

bycnfuhfvSasha lives in Moscow. She is 13. Sasha is a secondary school student, she likes learning  and  gets good marks. This girl is cute and attractive. She is energetic, curious, she loves animals, particularly, cats. Here are her lovely pets:


Sasha likes to do homework when her pets are sitting on a writing-table among the textbooks and workbooks. Among various school subjects she is interested in biology, she is doing well in mathematics and physics. She often takes part in school competitions and always wants to win, take any place. As a result after training she succeeds in doing it. Sasha is very active and hardly girl. She is interested in sport. She can skate and ski. She loves to travel especially traveling by car.


In spite of fact that Sasha is interested in technical subjects, Sasha likes to create, glue, bind, sculpt. There are various creative hobbies of this girl. She loves a variety of handicrafts.


 She has recently started to paint. First she  drew stenciled and also made very nice picture with sequins.


 This is quite interesting and fascinating activities. We seem this is easy and simple but for doing this work it is necessary to have a concentration, attentiveness, patience, and what is principal we have to have a  desire to finish the job. This is a great start. We can see her work:


I would like pay attention again what this work are made carefully and precisely. Doing such work Sasha trains, studies composition, learns to work with colors. She paints without a teacher, she trying to made it herself. As her knowledge increases she grows more and more interested in the subject. Of course there is a lot of homework at school and there is not much time for hobbies. But there is a desire of the creation and it is very important. Look at her drawings


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2015-2016 school year.

This year has been a successful year for Sasha. In spite of the fact that there have been difficulties with several school subjects, the year has been over very well by Sasha. We have already written that Sasha takes part in the academic competitions in Biology and has some success. The desire to be a veterinarian helps her to win.
Sasha is an amazing creative friendly person. She likes making a lot of things with her own hands. There are wonderful small drawings on the paper, on the stones and on the furniture. This year Sasha has started to try to make with her hands decorations.










And now Sasha draws a lot. I think her small drawings are illustrations of the dreams. There are beautiful eyes, amazing trees, good little dragons, quaint animals and birds there. I like these small heroes. I think they are able become characters of the books.

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