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MihalMihal was born in 2003. She lives in Moscow, Russia, where she is a secondary school student. Mihal has a creative personality and is truly extraordinary. She is an affable, considerate and delicate girl, who is very kind by nature. She loves to read and draw and is fond of dancing and singing. Mihal began painting at the age of three at nursery school. Here are her first steps, her children’s drawings.


These are beautiful paintings for a girl of such an early age. We understand it is not possible to become a great artist overnight, but there is a definite pattern to her drawings. We are conscious that this is the work of a single artist.


Mihal reads a lot, and we all know that inspiration occurs during reading. Very often children want to imagine the heroes in the books they are reading or listening to. It is important to give them paper and pencils for drawing to give insights into their thoughts and dreams. Mihal loves to dream. There are different characters in her head. Here are some of them.

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These are some of Mihal’s  beautiful drawings.

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Little by little, step by step, Mihal applies her knowledge of the world. She tries to draw stories; she tries to arrange objects properly on paper, delimiting land and air. Mihal shows us her notion of the world, her impressions.

хороший коллаж


In creating such works there is a strength of character and a painstaking patience, a stamina in the child. It is important to have the ability to see, the ability to dream, the ability to produce.

Mihal loves to use her imagination, but her ideas are realistic. She is sociable but also has a world of her own interests. She likes to create new things and to make an impression. She is not afraid to fail and that is very important. Having such a rich inner world, Mihal also writes poetry and transfers some of her poetic images into visual art, thus using it to convey her emotions .

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These first steps are the most difficult. When a child has to attend school, do homework, play sports, dance, read, draw, interact with friends, and help their parents among other things, there are many ingredients required for success.


I visited a lot of countries, but the trip to London was one of the best! We were there for 4 days, but I’ll never forget these wonderful days! I went there to see this amazing city for my spring holidays. I went to London with my mum. After coming to the London’s airport, we were very tired, but as soon as we get to the hotel and put our bags in our small room, we went for a walk. The weather was rather good. It was a little windy, but the sun was shining. My mood was very good because I had never seen more wonderful houses and streets. For these 4 days we visited the National gallery, we walked in the Trafalgar Square, we watched the Queen’s home, the Buckingham Palace and other amazing places. There are a lot of beautiful cafes in London. I visited one of the most popular café, I ate tasty hamburgers and then for 5 hours I did not have hungry.

image-09-10-15-02-36-1There is a beautiful London Bridge there. It is an amazing modern building. In spite of the fact that it was built in 1973, during my visit I remembered the history and I imagined that this bridge had been built by the ancient Romans many years ago..



image-09-10-15-02-36-2The London Eye is the major feature of London’s skyline. It consists of thirty-two capsules each holding up twenty-five people.  For breathtaking experience and unforgettable view of more than fifty London’s famous landmarks you have just to climb aboard and spend thirty minutes on the magnificent tour.



image-09-10-15-02-36A monument to Admiral Horatio Nelson. He was a great person, he was a courageous, fearless general. The Nelson’s Column towers in Trafalgar Square and I thought that he was guarding the peace of the Great Britain.











2015-2016 the school year has passed. There have been a lot of different events for this year. There have been school lessons, rehearsals in the dance school, traveling to the other countries during her holidays. The school lessons are school lessons what we can say more. It is important to do homework, not to miss classes, to pass exams. Everybody understands that it is necessary to learn and to try getting good knowledge.
But we think that the boys and the girls must have a hobby, they have to be interested in sports, dancing, art. Mihal draws, writes poetry, reads a lot. This year she has started dancing at dance school of E. Papunaishvili. She has liked the rehearsals, she has liked  performing on stage. One concert has been dedicated to the New Year holiday and the second has been dedicated to the spring holiday. Mihal has not had the weekend    this year. She has been busy every day. And only the time of the holiday  has been free.

Новый год 24Новый год михаль танцытанцы весна михальмихаль танцы

Mihal likes reading books and magazins. If she has a little free time she reads. Also Mihal writes poems. The parents decided to create a book where they would publish the Mihal’s poems. This is a wonderful little book of the creative works of their daughter. There are poems, drawings, family pictures in it.
During the spring holidays Mihal and her friends visited Belarus. They went by train. They saw a lot of interesting places: farms, famous castles and museums of this attractive country. They liked clean streets of Minsk, beautiful lakes of the parks, amazing nature of Belarus.

During the holidays the children had a good rest. After there was a hard and serious end of the school year, preparing for exams, performance on the stage.