улиточкаDo you want to buy Art?

Today it is very easy to get a picture on the internet. There are not only the original arts for buying  there are a lot of offers to purchase painting reproductions. This is of course your choice. You want to invest money it is necessary to buy the original art, you want to decorate the room after repairing it is possible to buy a painting reproduction. There are artist blogs/sites, gallery sites with portfolios and online original art retail venues  where you can see hundreds of examples of styles and subjects. You can start small, find something that won’t break the bank, but be sure to buy a piece that makes you feel something. You will be amazed at how much personality a mere object can add to your home.

With children.

It will be interesting to choose a picture to buy with your children. We know that it is important to teach a child to love and understand art. We can take a colorful book about the artist and read it with your child. If a child cannot read we can tell him about the picture which we want to buy. Of course, we go to the gallery if we have time, after repairing we can draw the child’s room with our children. There is usually a good mood in children and they always take a delight in talking with us.

How to start ?

Do not worry if you get lost again. Everyone does. When we see something new we distinguish something good or bad. Find what you will like. Wherever you live, you will be able to immerse themselves in the contemporary art. Wherever you live, you should be able to immerse yourself in contemporary art.There are a lot of medium-sized cities where there are art scenes. A lot of resorts are likely to have more art galleries per capita than Paris. It is important not only to visit the gallery it is very important to learn to ask questions, you have to ask artists or dealers about the work that you see. A hushed gallery isn’t always the most comfortable place to ask questions, especially when you’re not ready to buy. If you’re shy, ask to see press clippings or background materials. Many exhibitions include an “Artist’s Statement,” in which the artist attempts to describe what he or she was trying to do. (Artists hate writing these, but they’re very helpful to new collectors.) You could also read reviews of the exhibit before you go, to get a general sense of what you’re looking at.

Artist and Business

It is very hard to earn a living by young painter. Students learn their métier for a long time, but they can not sell their work. Whether you are a painter or sculptor or fibers major, you can bet that your schedule will be filled with long hours in studio classes, late night cramming for art history exams, and heated discussions during classroom critiques. After graduation, young artists can not open a studio and earn revenue from the sale of their work at once instead they are going to have to work at something else while working on their art. This is reality. How to help young artists! The Internet, online sales are assistants for young artists. There are some very interesting sites to buy art paintings from the Internet. Young artists can post their work on these sites. A big wave of young art dealers appeared at the beginning of the 21st century. They are not afraid to take risks. They have new ideas, give space for unknown artists. It is a launching pad for artists. We’re seeing a generation of young people devoting their energies to commercial gallery work, rather than opening co-ops or alternative spaces.

It is very interesting

I want to note the wonderful articles on the site There are a lot of interesting and very useful articles about the art. There are articles with inheritance issues involving art. For young artists consults and advises on matters including organizing and presenting their art, writing about their art, assistance with situations involving formal agreements or representation of their art, marketing, promotion, pricing individual or multiple works of art, approaching the marketplace, targeting specific venues for possible shows or sales, website functionality, selling online, self-representation, exhibiting and selling at galleries or alternative venues, long term career development, estate issues, and appraisal and documentation of individual pieces or larger bodies of work. His founder Alan Bamberger sells art since 1979, he has also written three books, Buy Art Smart and Art For All, published by Wallace-Homestead in 1990 and 1994 respectively, and The Art of Buying Art, published by Gordon’s Art Reference in 2002, and then revised and enlarged in 2007. (Larisa Ejova)


There are very interesting and unusual videos on the site is produced by NewArtTV, Inc. a media and production company based in New York City with a focus on producing premium video content on contemporary art.Anyone can get acquainted with new young artists using video materials. You can also publish your videos and media.

December 2014

Find your own style

There are several advices:
-this is very important to understand what you like. The fashion trends change all the time and you should buy what you like.
-if you like old things you can do them with new, you can put on them new textiles, for example.
-you must only follow your feelings, it is not important what other people think.
-this is necessary to educate yourself. Go to exhibitions, to go to museums, to read, to put the book down and to go to the city and to think that you like.
Good luck!

Starting an art collection

Most people think that collecting art is a very expensive hobby. But starting an art collection is possible with a tighter budget.First of all it is necessary to visit several galleries and to select where you are going  again. What is attracted by you? There are a lot of things: photography, painting, sculpture, installations, crafts. Take notes, keeping track of colors, styles, and sizes that stop you cold and leaving you thinking. Try this several times at various galleries before making your first purchases.You must know very clearly what you want to collect.It is important to decide where to place your artwork. If you are inspired to hang art in a specific spot, it never hurts to try it out and see how it looks.It can be very interesting for you. You have to image that have not visited your house never. It is necessary to select which walls are most visible from each doorway. These walls are very good place for your first pieces of original art.Make a master location list of your key walls (include wall measurements) as you do your walk through. Take the list with you when you’re shopping for artwork so you know where you can place the art you will inevitably see and love.Once you have purchased key pieces of artwork for your most trafficked rooms, then start thinking about artwork for hallways, transition spaces and secondary walls.

Several advices for the artist.

This is very difficult for an artist not only to survive in the modern world, but also to get a certain permanent income. What to do? How to submit pictures to the public? Of course the main purpose of the artist to make a picture that will be understood by a lot of people. The picture should be clear. The customer must see what the artist wants to say and to show. He has to make sure that everybody understands what he is doing what his purpose is and what he is trying to communicate through his work. Doing that job well will definitely increase his chances of success.The artist has to make people comfortable around his art and to slow them down long enough to take that all-important longer look.The artist must make an effort so that people are always able to contact him, to ask him to find out the price any question about his picture. The viewer has to understand that he will exult every day when he looks at the picture in his collection. The artist must present themselves through his art and to understand how it can improve picture and enrich the lives of viewers.The artist knows what’s in it for him; and the artist have to figure out what’s in it for viewers, because if he does not, if he leaves viewers hanging there, out of the equation, they really have nowhere to go in terms of how the people experience your art, why viewers should continue to look at it, what they are supposed to get out it, and most importantly, how it might add value to lives of buyers.

The artist must understand exactly why the collectors will want to buy it now: what is it going to do for purchasers? What makes it worth owning? Why should buyer hang it in his home or office and look at it every day? How is it going to make their life better? People always want to know a lot of things: all about the artist, what an art means, as an artist paints a picture, why the artist drawing these objects…

The collector wants to know why you have chosen to become an artist and make art such a significant part of your life, but even more importantly why have you chosen to show your art in public, what the purpose of going public with your art is. The artist must understand that his art brings positive emotions to the viewers or it upgrades the quality of their day-to-day existence. Sometimes your art’s contribution is expressed physical aspects: size, color, shape … Sometimes your art’s contribution signifies any idea, an inspiration, a belief, a philosophy or a particular perspective or outlook on life. The artist must understand what makes it stand out? What qualities or characteristics make it unique?

Of course it is very important to have website. There is always an opportunity to show and tell about your art. It’s where people have the opportunity to learn more about you and to see a cohesive, coherent, compelling and unified selection of your art— accompanied by enough explanatory information to enrich the experience of everything they see, the goal being that the more time they spend thinking about and looking at your art, the more they come to realize how owning it can add value to their lives.There must be a maximum information there. So presentation and organization are paramount. There are two primary questions when the people visit your website: «Where am I and why am I here?» People have exceptionally short online attention spans these days, and if they can’t figure where they are fast, they’re usually gone in a flash. One of greatest merits of the Internet that everybody can land on your site (we are not only talking about art people here, but about anyone). It is very important for this person to get interesting and vast information about you and your art.

It is necessary to go back to talking about the ability of the Internet. On the one hand it is very easy to show own art on the internet on the other hand it is very important to properly organize the presentation of his art. The artist must remember that anyone can see his art. One person likes and understands the art but there is another anyone who has even the mildest interest in art.
The artist never knows who is a potential buyer and so online profile and website must be the most interesting and the artist must show the arts which he is doing at present. The artist must tell all about his work and must arouse
Interest by the facts about his art. There is the most important first page of the web site of artist. All that the artist wants to tell about himself he must situate on this page. It will be very interesting to see any video about his arts.

When we want to decorate the house with artworks we have to choose your favorite pictures or photos. This is very important to get a good mood when we pass by art in our house.

It is important for an artist to understand the significance of his recent paintings. He must know how many paintings you have completed and currently available for sale, how many more you expect to complete and about how long it will take to complete them.
The artist must know the amount of time which is necessary for the completion of any paintings. It is natural to remember the information such as the size of the picture, the price (it is best if this information is on the website of the artist). The representatives of the gallery need to understand why the artist offers these works. This is important to remember that the gallery do not want to work with old paintings, which the artist could not sell any galleries or himself.
Don’t inundate a gallery with information or images of older art, art that has nothing to do with what they show, or art that you’ve already shown at other venues. Galleries tend not to want work that’s been hanging around your studio for a while or that has failed to sell elsewhere. They want to see your newest, freshest and best stuff.It is important to remember that the galleries usually sell their paintings at high prices. If an artist decides to offer his paintings to the gallery he must be sure that his paintings are worthy of such prices.The site should be designed as an exhibition by the artist, the best paintings should be shown on the website. The paintings are grouped by category, by price, by genre, by size.It is interesting if the artist presents one part of the art for the gallery any specific volume and tells when much of the art in this series will be completed and shown in certain time.The gallery wants to see and to work with artists who are trying to be in progress who distinctly plans and knows what he would do for the gallery in the future.

It is important to increase sales

It is difficult for an artist to make art and sell its. Of course, primarily the artist wants to sell his art in galleries. But it is not easy to be interesting for a gallery particularly if an artist is young and is not famous. But there is a way to advertise his skills in niche markets. This is the opportunity to exhibit his paintings at exhibitions what are not necessarily related to art. A watercolorist who specializes in painting railroad subjects advertises on websites and in publications for train enthusiasts and exhibits at train collector or memorabilia shows.

The artist must remember that his art appeals to a certain segment of the population, and the artist can find a group where his paintings will be necessary and useful for advertising, for the design of buildings and a variety of interesting exhibitions.
This is very important for the young artist find a niche it is important to meet new people who see his art. Therefore, the artist has to do barter.

And always keep the barter option open. Whenever you can trade art for something that you would otherwise pay for, do so.
It is very important that one more piece of your art will hang in one more collection where new people will likely be seeing it.

One of the way to express himself, to increase the efficiency in the creation and the publication of art is teaching artist workshops. A workshop can help an artist to feel a inspiration to get a new creative impulse. There is an opportunity to experiment and to create something new in the classroom with new people, beginners and amateurs. There can be used the original methods and approaches for students in the workshop.
If the artist conducts classes in his studio it is important to see the artist’s work for the students, they use the work to create their own ideas, the formation of the views. The artist can help students understand his paintings, in addition to tell the story of their creation. This is important for the sale of art.

When the artist conducts workshops he can get a lot of followers, many of them return to continue their education and to bring their friends. Workshops are a great way to learn speaking and to present their art in public places. The artist may be invited to hold a lecture at a college, in the centre of education, at the entertainment centers.

The people are visiting these workshops for the rest and they want to gain experience. Some people do not know the art but they try to broaden and deepen it and to explore their creative forces.
After graduating this workshop the students have a finished paintings, they learn new things, they have progress and the artist shows his technique, advertises his methods.

The artist must decide what he wants to show during his workshop which technique and methods he wants to teach his students and how he can do it because the students have different training.
The artist must capture the attention not only ordinary people but also can try to invite art workshops other artists, the artists need to share experiences with each other.
The artist must not forget that a lot of people of retirement age is interested in learning the art. Many retirees have disposable income and are interested in exploring their creative sides.

Each student should receive maximum attention from the artist. Teaching large numbers is difficult in such a short period of time.
The artist does not have a studio and he can ask his collectors to give place for him. The artist can offer interchange, he can offer a unpaid workshop or a work of art.
One every month to two months is a good frequency of workshops.
If the artist is able to capture the attention of his collectors for workshops he can tell about himself a lot of interesting and show how he creates his art. the collectors buy and sell art they often have interesting ideas and they always want to know more about the artists whose art they collect.

It is necessary to note one more important point.
If the artist feels comfortable when he creates his art in public places then the artist has to remember that there are hotels, coffee shops, shopping malls, some restaurants that can give the artist an opportunity to create art when people look at him. There is an opportunity to offer kind of barter for commercial organizations, so that they provide a place for the artist. The artist will be able to attract attention to this place and will be able to attract positive energy there.
When the artist is working there he advertises himself and his art, people recognize more about this artist and his art. This exchange is a very beautiful.

This is important to support those people who paint very well but they are afraid to show their art because there is not a formal art education from them. They did not go to art school, but they were always interested in art looked a lot of art magazines, went to the exhibition and it is possible to form a certain vision of such people.
They draw by the heart and soul. They paint for ordinary people in plain language. This is very important for these artists to post their work on social networks word of them and their art will start to proliferate. People are starting to buy art of such artists. People understand this art and they love it.

The artist must understand that like the buyer in the paintings of the artist, the artist has to make out what people want to know personally about this artist.The artist must create an online profile, he should tell people why he is doing it, why draws his urges. People who buy your art do not care if the artist has a degree or not. People are looking for is only good art for them this art brings them joy.

Of course the collectors like to buy paintings in galleries. It is very easy to shop there. There is a picture on the wall. The paintings are decorated very nicely. There is usually one picture on the wall. This is very convenient for the collector to consider painting in the gallery. There is plenty of light in the gallery. So the artist must separate part of his studio for the collectors. This part should be comfortable for the collectors to choose a picture. They must feel the convenience and comfort of the gallery.
It is very important to determine an hour a day when an artist can give advice to collectors. Five hours a week are a very well. Current time is an important part of working with other people.
When a collector writes or comes to the artist he should get a full consultation, find answers to all the questions what he asks, the collector must see the artist’s paintings. It is better if he can read bio of the artist, resume, and other relevant materials available for collectors to read.

If a collector has any questions about the work of the artist, his technique, then the artist must answer very simple and clear all these questions. The artist chooses for showing the current job. The galleries limit and unify the number of art that there are paintings on this exhibition at any time. The artist must limit the number of paintings to show. If there are collectors interested in the artist’s early works then he can show them. This is important for purchase. Remember that every person’s tastes are unique. There should not be an overdose to the collector and he does not have to flounder. It is necessary to do everything possible to buy a painting could a man with any budget. The main objective of the artist is to show everyone his art.Set sales prices need to advance, if it is possible to deliver his art for free.The artist has to offer collectors to show his art in their offices or homes.The artist must provide buyers with written statements, documentation, and explanations that give them insight into who he is and what the art that’s being purchased is all about. Galleries can only give receipts and secondary documentation; the artist can make it personal.

There are a lot of various companies which offer their services to the artists. There are services such as production of brochures, publication of works of the artist, addresses more than 500 dealers, galleries, publishers, consultants and others who will promote the artist and his art.

It is important to understand that there is a necessity to test this company before the artist decides to send money to it. If it is possible to ask the other artists about this company, the artist must speak with a representative of this company about its services and efficiency of work, the artist must learn how the paintings have been sold by this company, it is important to find out if somebody is satisfied with the results of work of this company.

The artist must obtain definite information about the galleries and dealers, verify existence and working of these companies and dealers, the artist must check up their successes.

Find out how many artists they’ve received information about, how many they’ve contacted, how much business has resulted, and how successful those relationships have been. Look for signs that the company is respected and regarded as a good resource for meeting and forming business relationships with new artists.

If the artist understands that the company is precise, prompt, it is working well, has a real success, then the artist can pay and gain time to promote his art.

How to keep a good relationship between the dealer and the artist for a long time?

The relationship between the artist and the dealers are always complex. The dealer wants to sell art and to make a profit, the artist wants to work hard, wants to be famous and wants to sell his art. Sometimes teamwork dealer and artist takes a long time, the dealer wants all art of the artist and the artist must sent every piece of art to him. Key to the success of the relationship like this is that all issues be explored fully ahead of time. It is necessary to conclude a specific agreement. A good contract includes payment schedules, penalties for late payments, what types and amounts of art are to be produced and delivered within what periods of time, penalties for late art deliveries, the time period during which the contract is to remain in force, and all other specifics that both parties agree on.The artist usually begins to experiment with new forms of art if he has money and time, he develops his talent, he is looking for something new. The dealer wants to receive what has been written in the contract.

Galleries have to be sensitive to artists’ creative needs; artists have to be aware that dealers make their livings by selling art.It is very important to find a compromise and then a team between artist and the dealer will last a long time.

It is very important for an artist that his art was bought not only his friends and family. The artist must allow everyone to represent himself or to show his art. The art galleries have to be an integral part of the art business.
It is important to advertise regularly and constantly so that people do not forget who is the artist. The collectors want what the artists work a lot, do a lot of progress, develop creativity, new ideas, they want to see a regular exhibition of the artist.
If the art is not given in the gallery for a long time, the artist must start communicating with the galleries. The artist has hundreds of works for sale. He must learn to work with galleries. The artist must understand that the gallery takes 40-60% of the retail selling prices and the artist must be ready to take some of the financial impact.
A good gallery will be able to significantly increase the profile of artist, current selling prices and frequency of sales, which means that in the longer term, he’ll not only sell more art but also make more money.

Shopping at charity auctions.

When a person buys a piece of art at charity auctions, he must remember a few rules:
- the pieces of art can be uneven in quality;
- Artists, collectors, galleries usually want to attract attention;
- There is usually a low price of art at charity auctions; it is usually low price and poor quality;
- This auction is often to raise funds.
- It is important to know the names of the charity auction donors, pay attention to the art that comes from come from established galleries, established well-known artists, promising younger artists, institutions, museums and respected collectors.
- There is a plenty of worthy artworks at charity auctions. It is necessary to do research, to see information about this auction.
First of all, buying art at a charity auction there is help someone.

It is important

When the people start collecting art they exactly have to know why they are starting to make it. Of course, a lot of people are buying art for investment. To buy now and then to sell more expensive. And it is important if we see buying art as a business.

But there is another side to the collecting. You should buy the art because you love it, because the art is a part of your life. The art enriches the environment in which you live, you wake up and see it, it affects your mood, helps you overcome severity, the art animates you.

No matter what you might hear about art as investment, consider it as an investment in your quality of life and nothing more.Thus, it is not important if the prices increase or prices drop for over time.It is important that the art is always part of your style, your lifestyle and can gladden your family.


A value of the works of art.

How to put a price on the painting? What measures are there? How to determine the future of the art market? These are very severe questions and the answers are more difficult. The main problem is that it is not possible to determine quantify the transaction. Of course, the painting has a size, weight, material ingredients. But this is not the main thing. The value of art is determined by subjective factors. People buy art and collect it emotionally. First of all, there are emotions for purchase. How much the people pay for art depends on unexplained factors impulses, desires, the amount of money, whether they like the sellers, whether they believe the sellers. Then there are the external factors, these external factors are frequently changed. Since owning art is not necessary for human survival, prices change all the time, and political instability, conflict, inflation, keen international economic situation reduce the price of art. On the other hand, economic growth, low interest rates, easy credit help to increase prices of the works of art.

The artist must study the market, the main task to study the regional market, to find the work of artists like art,to pay attention to the works of artists who have experience selling the art, to view pricing experienced artists, to determine the audience. Define the type of art, it is necessary to research on the Internet or visit the galleries of artists who are doing the same art. What is the starting point for an artist, how to set the price. There is the cost of materials, to price the work based on time. It is important to consider everything, but to evaluate the work intelligently, honestly if the artist is working for three years, then he does not compare himself to artists who’ve been making it for twenty. It is fine to evaluate the art of the people who know something about art, who are not friends or relatives, people who are straight who’ll be direct.They will say what they think about the works of art of the artist.
They will say what price will be paid by them.

An artist should not forget that sometimes the gallery prices high retail at the painting but the price they’re really willing to sell it for is substantially lower. It is suitable for the gallery but it does not necessarily work for artists.
The gallery has overhead. The artist sells his art out of the studio. But if a customer buys a picture in the gallery for a high price, for example 5000 $, the artist will receive for example only 1500$, that is not bad for the future, in the long run. In terms of popularity and recognition of the artist, the sale of the gallery is a good possibility.

It is very difficult to get enough money for art during the economic crisis. There is unemployment, recession, inflation in many counties. Selling art is always a difficult business sometimes it seems impossible. But confronting adversities is a fact of life and any artist who expects to be successful must adjust to prevailing conditions in order to survive. There is a rent of art, barter art, selling art that illustrates the complex current issues, feelings of patriotism, unity, courage. Art must show the victory, progress, overcoming hardships, art should inspire people during a difficult and severe life.

The analysis of the work of art is a complex process. First of all there is the factual information in the work of the artist:
- The author of art, his surname, first name, date and place of birth and death;
- The name of a work of art;
- The date of making;
- proportions (height and width of the picture)
- Location (a museum, a gallery, a private collection, the temple, the fund ….)
- Technique;
- Genre.
The type of work of art is determined by the technique. There are certain categories which classify the works of art. For example, there is an oil painting, tempera, fresco, there is a mixed media work of art: marble sculpture, wooden sculpture.
The content of the art is determined by the genre classification : a religious and a secular art; mythology, historical theme or allegory, portrait, landscape, still life …