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f7                        Varya  lives in Moscow. She is nine.She goes to school and  she is a good pupil. Varya likes learning and  always tries to get good marks. There are a lot of  different subjects at school and Varya often has got a lot of homework. But she is very industrious and disciplined person. She always tries to do her homework well. And of course it takes much time. In spite of difficulties there is a little time for drawing and dancing. Varya likes very much to dance and to draw. She is funny, full of life and nimble. She began to draw when she was two years old. There are first drawings of this girl. These drawings are very beautiful and cheerful.


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Then Varya started to go to the children’s center and we can see her first progress:

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 The desire to draw appears after reading the interesting book. She likes to read and to listen reading, too.   Varya often begins to draw when she is sad or she is watching sad film.

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It is necessary to be patient, painstaking, hard-working for painting. And we see that Varya has got all these traits.

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Varya has got another favorite activity. She is found of dancing. She dances every day at home and she tries to invent new dance movement.  She also goes to the dancing classes  to the children’s center.The girl likes much her rehearsals. During these lessons Varya gets new knowledge about different cultures, learns a lot of various artistic movements, develops creative thinking. All these skills help to improve her imagination and to create images. She dances both in the dance troupe and  she also has a solo dance.

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2015-2016 the school year. Varya has continued to go to the dancing classes this year. Rehearsals, rehearsals. She likes visiting rehearsals. And at home when she is doing her homework she trains and does various dancing exercises. Her dancing group is called “The children are driving”. There have been several performances on stage dedicated different holidays and two reporting concerts. Varya likes dancing with her group and solo, too. Her favorite dance is “Slumber party”. It is very funny. She likes to dance walse. After visiting the dancing festival “Love and Friendship” this year, Varya has been interested in other dance styles.


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In spite of the fact that Varya has been ill after New Year holidays and she has been ill for a long time Varya has taken part in the Moscow competition of the research works this school year. She began preparing for this competition in November: she read many special journals, several encyclopedias and she visited museums telling about the bones.  There have been various sections (physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology, etc.) in this competition. In spire of the fact that the natural sciences are difficult for Varya , she has made a very interesting report named “Why are strong, our bones?” The Moscow schoolboys and schoolgirls have prepared their reports for this year and have made their presentations. These reports have been evaluated by strict jury.

This year Varya has started visiting the children’s book club. Every week she goes there on Saturday. The children talk about books, have meetings with writers, play informative games, drink tea, discuss schooling events.
The school year has been over and now she has a vacation. We hope that these beautiful days will be interesting and wonderful.