creativity of children

We want to introduce you with talented and creative children who work with our team. These children are creative persons. Our team thinks that every child is unique, every child has got creative inclinations, every child can dream and create, every child likes to do interesting things. We often think what our children are small, that they are not able to make a lot of things themselves, then we say that they are big and they must do all quickly, at once. It is very interesting.
We want to show you how the children work and have a rest, what they do during free time, what they are interested in.
If you want to tell us about your child, about your experience of the association with children we are able to write us.
We’ll tell about your children to our readers.

If you want to tell us about your child o about a team, if you want them would be recognized in the other countries, please, write us here and we contact with you for discussing conditions and tell you what you need to do.